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Over the last few years, the world has rapidly changed in terms of advancement in science and technology. Globalisation in its wake has transformed the people from local to global and regional to universal citizen. Cultural boundaries have narrowed down, paving way to free flow of knowledge, ideas and socio - cultural beliefs.Change is inevitable and we need to accept it. Accordingly, there is a dire need to restructure and reconstruct education to meet the aspirations of the present generation. In the present scenario, the most critical resource for the development of the economy is not material or financial but the intellectual capital. As such, the role of teachers becomes a little challenging.A full proof logical strategy is required to train and equip our students for the future challenges.  Every child is a national asset and must be perceived holistically. There is an ardent need to reach out to them to draw the best out of them. The greatest challenge today is to properly look after the techno savvy students. As a teacher,it’s our moral duty to guide them in the right direction. It’s the high time that we the teachers along with the parents come together to mould our students and youth into leaders of thought and action.In anticipation of healthy and congenial teaching- learning environment on our school campus, I conclude with the prayer of Maria Montessori –

“Help us, O Lord,
To penetrate into the secret of the child, so that we may know him,
Love him and serve him according to your laws of justice,
Following your divine will.”