(Affiliated to CBSE, Aff. No.- 330028), Bihar - 804408
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Dear Parents,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you in the 29th year of the school.The new academic year brings in renewed energy and strength to our resolve to wing our students with efficiency so that they can scale new heights of success.In the perspective of this fast pacing and highly competitive world, excellence is the indispensable aspect of performance.The students of today need to excel not only in the field of academics, but in non-academic areas also.Moreover, the need of hour is to instill in our children, those values and ethics which can help them grow into competent professionals and ideal human beings who can contribute formidably in the progress of the nation.This is a herculean task in this materialistic world.The teachers, parents and the stakeholders of the society need to work in unison for it.

 We, at DAV Public School, Khetan Lane, Dhangawan, Jehanabad, impart holistic education, based on vedic ethos, to our students.Our motto is “d`.oUrksfoýek;Ze” i.e. to bring out the best in all the students to make them the ideal most human.Irrespective of their cast, community and gender all the students are given congenial and conducive atmosphere.Our school brings the students from different cultures together, resulting in wonderful harmony.We facilitate our students with the best in terms of infrastructure and facilities.Today DAV fraternity is spread far and wide.Our star performers occupy the position of envy in the nation and abroad.The story of success of these alumni are source of inspiration for the new generation, and to us, it is a matter of pride and satisfaction. I do hope, our students will place the school at further dizzying height with their achievements in the times to come.The diligence and zest of our highly qualified and dedicated staff will be an impetus and support to our students, as usual.

I bless them all from the core of my heart.

(Hem Narayan Jha)