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Forbidden Practices  

Students should not indulge in any of the following practices namely:

  1. Spitting on or near school building except when the spitting is made in any dustbin or spittoon provided by the school.
  2. Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any property.
  3. Smoking.
  4. Any form of gambling.
  5. Use of drugs or intoxicants.
  6. Rowdyism and rude behavior.
  7. Use of violence in any room/school campus.
  8. Casteism, communalism or practice of untouchability.
  9. It is forbidden to write or scribe on the walls, throw paper or ink in the class-room or in any way damage the school property. Damage done must be paid for.

Guidelines for Parents

  1. Use the school diary as a means of communication with the class teacher and check the diary for Home Work and the teacher remarks, if any.

  2. Sign the test copies/papers as when sent home.

  3. See that your ward has all the text books, items of stationary, craft materials etc. right in the beginning of the session.

  4. Ensure that all the books and note books are covered with brown paper.

  5. Ensure that your ward comes to school in proper uniform with polished shoes, trimmed hair and clean nails.

  6. Send the children regularly and punctually to school. No absence will be permitted without a leave application and late comers will not be allowed to sit in the class

  7. Both the parents must attend the Parent-Teacher Meet.

  8. Pay the fees as per schedule.

  9. Intimate the school in case of change in address, telephone number.

  10. Please respond only when there is a written advice from authorities on any matter.

  11. Parents or guardians are expected to report carefully and see that their wards make a special effort to study those subjects in which they are weak. 

  12. If a child is withdrawn from the school, transfer certificate should be taken. School fee will be collected until the T.C. is taken and if it is taken in the middle of the month, full fee for the month will be charged.


  1. Do not send the child to school in case of an infectious disease, and a medical certificate should be furnished from a medical authority at the time of rejoining the school after illness.
  2. Do not walk into the class room or meet the teacher in the class room. Please see the teacher with prior appointment through residence.
  3. Do not visit the teachers at their residence.
  4. Do not send money or valuable articles with the students. The school takes no responsibility, if they are lost.
  5. Parents are expected not to enter the school to speak to the teachers during class hours. Those who seek information or who want to make some complaint should do so the Principal and not the class teacher. No school business will be transacted during holidays.
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